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Graeme Houston Store



In my store you will find many landscape images from around Scotland. 

I can take commission work in a geographic location at the clients requests, use the Let's Chat function to start the ball rolling.

Wall Art & things a little different.

"Cameras, speed lights and imagination leads to an image through creation".

The images in this store are unique, one of a kind. Many have been created by moments, inspiration and ideas, with a little dash of imagination. 

I can take commission work clients requests. I can create stunning one off images to suit your home or work place using your own choice of colours. Use the Let's Chat function to start the ball rolling. 




Animals and the Natural World

Nothing to me can bring a bigger smile than capturing an image of a living creature. I am happy to undertake shoots for pet owners with anything from a hamster to a Clydesdale horse. Please use the Let's Chat function to set the wheels in motion.

Flowers & Art

From Macro images to all out floral imaginations..

Nobody can deny the beauty we see in flowers and even weeds. I like to capture flowers in different ways, which to some might be a little bizarre and yet to others, a bit of art. Using your eye to create an image or a look is something you are born with, not something a tutor with a text book can teach. Perhaps I'm just nuts, who knows?


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