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Portrait and Portfolio

"Looking through the lens and capturing what someone looks like is the easy part, capturing who they are, the personality, their soul is something very very different."



"Graeme was professional and efficient. We had a short but fun shoot where we managed to get excellent images in a short time frame. Bad weather conditions didn't allow for a longer shoot but we still got the images we wanted. Highly recommended."


"Graeme was so lovely to work with, really easy to get along with and very professional. The photos came out great and I’d work with Graeme again in a heartbeat!"


"Had my first shoot today with Graeme and it was honestly a great time! Firstly because of the location we got to shoot at, secondly because of the great shots I think we got and thirdly because of the amazing and fun talks we had! Such a good time and such a great chap with a lot of ideas. Fun fun fun!! Until the next one, hopefully!"


"I was really happy to work with Graeme. This was his first shoot with a model but you could not tell at all, he had such cool ideas, really professional, and a nice guy to work with. Got on really well and would be happy to shoot with him again. 100% recommended."


"Graeme is a lovely guy with a heart of gold and I have thoroughly enjoyed our collaborations so far and look forward to more.. Graeme has captured me brilliantly in pictures!"

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