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About Me

I started my own business in 1992, at which point I wasn't holding a camera, I was a Hot Air Balloon Pilot. 
Scotair Balloons was my baby and Scotland's first hot air balloon flight company with an Air Operators Certificate; over the years I flew in the region of 15,000 passengers between here and my international contracts. I was really lucky to have flown in Tanzania, Turkey, Canada, USA, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and latterly, the Kingdom of Bagan, Myanmar as part of Balloons over Bagan. On several occasions, I also appeared TV shows from GMTV with Lorraine Kelly to Espanoles Del Mundo. 
In June of 2014, I and my sons, Luke and Connor were involved in a high-speed head-on road collision; I was left with a life-changing injury that stopped my main flying career in an instant. In 2017, whilst out walking my dog Luna around Gladhouse Reservoir, I met a chap with a kayak that caught my attention. We spoke for a while and I was advised to research a company called Hobie; Pedal Drive Kayaks, who knew? This was something that I could do again; a chance to live my life outdoors, the life of discovery and adventure that I had been fortunate enough to enjoy much of my working life. 
In March 2018, I bought two Perception Pescador Pilot 12.0's, followed by a third, 6 weeks later. In January 2019 I ordered another 3, enabling me to set up a business to cater to people who would like to kayak and take photographs of Scotland from a different vantage point. That business is Caledonia Dreaming. (
On the 7th of May, 2019, I was fortunate to qualify as a Paddle Sport Leader with the Scottish Canoe Association, which I incredibly proud of. 

It was during the early stages of using the new kayaks that through a close friend and professional photographer, Graeme Fleming, that my photography started to improve. On many trips, I followed instruction, hints and tips to further my knowledge. 

Away from the water, I set myself challenges with my cameras. This took the form of working with models and horses. I embarked on a journey of discovery, teaching myself new photography skills. It was during these challenges that I started receiving encouragement to turn professional.

So here I am, December 2019 and launching myself into the world of professional photography.  I hold no qualifications, I possess only my eye and the knowledge and skills I have accrued over time. 

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